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Some examples of our work for Siemens

Siemens projects
Technology in the fourth dimension
Some excerpts of recent projects for printing and online. Issues range from large scale assembly lines over 3D printers to space missions: Most important challenge is to create the best focus on the main statements due to the infografic visualizations.
How solutions work within a whole production line could be shown much more easyly with a simplifying visualization of the whole process.
Linked to the reduced production scene these illustrations show the individual work steps, running as background processes.
Installation, use and effectiveness of a turbine are clearly divided into easy-to-follow steps. Thus all informations are presented in an user-friendly, comprehensible way.
Often there's a common rule in infographics: the simpler it looks, the harder it was to simplify it - but of course only f it still works as a good infographic! The long way to reduce the mostly much mor complex information in the beginning shouldn't been seen in the results anymore. And if you don't need any text in the final result, it was the best you could do.
Mission to mars: this makes all our hearts leap, not only the geeks! And sometimes a graphic ends in the control center of a space mission.
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