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The global expansion and impact of fishing activity since 1950 to 2006

WWF – Scanning the Oceans
Expansion of fisheries worldwide
WWF is calling on the EU to reform its fisheries policy and champion sustainable fishing among its own and other global fleets. To showcase that fact, we were asked to create an interactiv interface that represents the spreading of the fisheries worldwide.
The whole Excel-file was more than 2GB big, not possible to open it completelly in Excel anymore ... In this image you see a sample for the amount of data we had to convert to the current graphics. As much as 260.000 entries for some single years.
Once we converted all the data to real cordinates, we vectorized them to show the evolution of the fisheries worldwide ever since 1950's graphically.
In that snapshot we zoom in to appreciate how dense thise data maps were. Each point represents a value for a square on the map with half the length of a latitude in hight and half the length of a longitude in width.
Some examples of color test we did before we got the final color range to best visualize the dimensions of fisheries.
That is the first frame of the home site animation where we start with a world globe spinning around like watching it form outer space.
The globe unwraps to become a world flat map before you can start to watch the data.
The map shows the global expansion and impact of fishing activity. Driven by declining domestic catches EU fishing fleets now travel to the furthest corners of the world to exploit fish stocks - not always in a sustainable way.
To watch the live project follow the link
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