ixtract | Wind Energy Everywhere?

Editorial contribution to "Die Zeit"

Room for improvement
Wind energy in germany
More than 21,000 windmills already generate six percent of germanys energy production. But if only one quarter of the potentially applicable space would be used for wind power stations it could be up to sixty percent.

We visualized the study of Fraunhofer-Institut IWES that made this conclusion.
Here you can see the first raw sketch which set the concept for the later graphic.
Final, printed version in german newspaper "Die Zeit" (this graphic was also published in "Visual Storytelling" from Gestalten Verlag).
The windmill's coloured base (three categories: gray, blue, green) indicates how much potentially useable space for wind energy is available per state, wind power station's height shows the actually installed output power. The doughnut chart around the base illustrates the state's actual usage of its wind capacity in proportion to the overall power consumption.
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