ixtract | Shrunken Head (Mesh from Tobias Houlton)

Reconstruction of a Shrunken Head (Texture, Lightning, Rendering)

Reconstructed shrunken head
Tobias Houlton had reconstructed a shrunken head of a Peruvian warrior and created a true-to-live 3D-mesh. After this model was finalizedxtract added eyes, skin, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and expression to get a more realistic and vivid idea of this fomer human being.
This is the basic mesh we got from scientist Tobias Houlton.
First step for ixtract was to create a basic color for the warrior's skin and a rough lightning.
Than we set up different additional channels like one for luminosity, diffusion, a bumpmap to imitate sweat pores and different highlights for e.g. lips, checks and nose. We created his eyes and eyebrows and improved the overall skin color and with blemishes and varying color at places where you would expect growth of beard. Also we developed the lightning to get a bright, sunny atmoshere.
As the colour of the skin was finalized, we applyed some hair and started hairdressing.
Shadows where softened to look more natural and a better facial expression supplementes the warrior's appearance as he would never had looked like that (you will find this kind of look only on modern passports...)
And here we got the final reconstructed Peruvian warrior, possibly just one moment before he became a shrunken head.
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