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With this visualization hidden details become visible and show where light weight construction pieces lighten the new generation of automotives. Precise 3D models and 2D info graphics explain the importance of lighter materials and constructions within one double page.

Light, Strong, Lanxess
Broadsheet spread about new technologies in light weight construction
Light weight construction can reduce costs and emissions for the automotive industry. Green mobility significantly benefits of polymere based materials - less weight means less fuel consumption.
As a major manufacturer for plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals, Lanxess assigned us to describe, how light weight construction works and where it is applicable.
Concept & Moods
A first scribble determined the rough content and position of objects.
3D Moods were created, to deliver a first impression on how the graphic could look like.
2D - Layout
Small 2D infographics explain the benefits of weight reduction on specific examples.
3D - Hovering graphics
Detailed 3D models were created to explicitly show the car parts, that were made of high tech materials.
First draft in the back and final stage of the transparent car. The change in material proved to challenge the rendering capabilities of our hardware.
The car body provided enough details to quickly create this skeletal look of the car, making it possible to show these tough, yet light structural inserts.
3D - Background
In an early stage, the car was outsourced into a seperate file to speed up rendering time of landscape and car. Our multiclothing character as a business man found a comfortable seat inside the car.
The background had to be split into parts. The marked tree just shows one example of an element, that had to be changed in position several times through layout alterations. Outsourcing these objects into seperate files, reduced repetetive rendering of the much larger background image.
Final details
Detailed cutouts of the final spread.
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