ixtract | German Science Awards

Double page infographic and iPad application covering up to 100 of the most important German awards for scientists.

German Science Awards
"Ribbons of Honour" – Double page infographic and iPad application
The main graphic displays the 18 most important awards for science in Germany, chosen by "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenenschaft". Within cycles between one and three years the awards are handed over by the business community's innovation agency for the German science system. Different devisions are marked with colors and all ribbons are organised in cycles. Other additional information is shown in hights or at the start and end of each ribbon.
Printed double page with the main graphic in the centre. The second peripheric graphic shows the financial distribution of each scientific category and the total amount of all awarded prizes.
This is the scribble we made in order to conceptualize the infographic.
Prize money in 10k steps in Euro.
Gender ratio of the awarded scientists.
The interactive overview of the science categories.
The iPad application gives a much broader comparison of nearly 100 awards, which change in small animations when choosing different categories.
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