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Infographic on the upcoming EU tire label

Better Tires, Better Performance
Infographic for Lanxess explaining the new EU tire label starting november 2012
The European Union will require all motor vehicle tires to have a label that grades each tire’s quality and performance in terms of fuel efficiency, safety and noise reduction. Ixtract was asked do develop an infographic advertorial to explain why this EU label will be invented in 2012 and how everyone can benefit from it.
The beginning of all conceptual work is always a very reduced first idea and this is how it all began with this project - very similar to where we got in the end.
Shortly after having met with the client and a researcher, we got together with our creative staff to form a concrete content sketch. Sometimes even with scissors and pens...
The next step was to sketch the final layout as we now knew how to tell the tire-label story, so that 2D infographic artist, layouter and 3D modeler could start their work parallel.
Beside this the infographic was not just supposed to be an editorial work, but it was designed to replace a common ad-campaign with a more modern approach to deal with complex information driven communication and customer interests. Above you can see all the different sizes created for newspapers, magazines, online versions and the iPad format.
Broadsheet newspaper version - with most content of course
Two smaller formats with less and adjusted content
Final tabloid newspaper print and close-ups.
Startscreen of HTML5 iPad version
Cars are driving along the road and stop at each spot, to show specific aspects of the higher quality tires

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