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An infographic about the european training courses of Siemens

Education pro Europe
An infographic for the employee newspaper of Siemens, which deals with an internal european comparison of training courses run by Siemens.
Referring to the briefing from Siemens, a pool of data about all european headquaters and their training courses had to be evaluated and clustered first.
A scribble to apportion the number of current students and beginners, so that within the next step all national silhouetts could get built up in right proportions.
The silhouetts of the seven nations are built up by precise amounts of squares according to the number of students from Siemens in each country. Further information about the education programs of Siemens get arranged underneath the silhouetts to achieve an easy comparison among one another. Each dot represents one student, the darker tones show how many of them will later work at Siemens as regular employee.
Explanation of the infographics which presents 10 different values well arranged for comparisson.
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