ixtract | Alpha Electric - 360º E-Mobility

Iconset consiting of 25 different Icons

E-Mobility through Full-Service-Offer
Which aspects come into account, when switching to E-Mobilty? A graphic with 360° feel and icons had to be developed for Plantage Berlin to explain, what steps need to be taken towards that goal.
Either driving through the country or the city - each environment can be assigned to a specialized electrical drive. On a second sheet, different electrical engines for unlike situations had to be clarified.
Icon Development
First attempts included 3D with Sketch & Toon for a possible comfortable animation option, but after the first round of several Feedbacks we concentrated on pure 2D style.
Many icons went through several alteration loops, before they were approved by the client.
In order to keep track of changes, icon organization was done with an excel sheet, listing the alteration loops, the purpose of the icon, image, status, comments and assigned artist.
The final main menu icons in their friendly hand drawn look.
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